Credit Unions

Turn Your Data Into Actionable Information.

Today's hyper-competitive financial services marketplace presents growing challenges to credit unions. Slower growth in membership has placed constraints on industry expansion. For the past years, growth in real new deposits has been flat. While a greater reliance on fee income has helped the overall financial picture for credit unions, this reliance has also meant greater competition with other types of financial institutions while facing the on-going requirements to:

  • Identify and execute on Growth Opportunities 
  • Early detection of potential charge offs
  • Manage and monitor portfolio risk
  • Manage and monitor compliance
  • Optimize cash management 

The good news is that Credit Unions are rich in data which is spread across the many systems that are used in its daily operations.

OnApproach helps Credit Unions by providing a cost effective means of turning their data into valuable, actionable, information that can be easily and intuitively accessed to increase growth, improve productivity, optimize cash management and reduce risk.


OnApproach M360TM
The solution integrates data from the various applications that are used by the Credit Unions (eg: Core, Origination, Servicing, CRM, Phone, Credit Bureau etc.) into a single console that can be accessed from the user desktop. The data from all of the source systems is processed and then served-up to reports, dashboards and analytics to enable the Credit Union staff to look at trends over time, "click" down into the details, run period over period comparisons, etc. All this is available without the need to run queries or to dump data into a spreadsheet.

The net result for the Credit Unions are the benefits outlined below:

  • Increase loans with existing members
  • Increase marketing campaign yield
  • Reduce Net Charge Offs and ALLLs
  • Automate compliance monitoring
  • Optimize cash management
  • Increase employee productivity

These words alone cannot describe the full power of OnApproach M360TM, please contact us to arrange a demo.

 OnApproach M360TM Brochure

 OnApproach M360TM Case Study


Harnessing the Power of Data

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