Our Success Stories

OnApproach has earned an impressive track record of successful projects in a variety of industries that include:

  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Healthcare
  • Leasing
  • Utilities

What follows is a sampling of the many successful projects that OnApproach has executed:

Promotional Spend Management
A frozen foods manufacturer could not reliably measure the effectiveness of its promotional spending. OnApproach implemented an OLAP cube solution that allowed the customer to divert funds to clients that were consistently delivering on their forecasted purchasing volumes.

Transportation Management
A major food manufacturer wanted to acquire a deeper knowledge of its transportation costs. Using data from the company’s Oracle Transportation Management application, OnApproach crafted a data mart and reporting solution that helped reduce transportation costs by 10% in the first 6 months of use.

Service Fleet Management
A global manufacturer of outdoor equipment wanted to offer a comprehensive fleet management system to commercial customers but the data needed to achieve this was spread across two internal and one external systems. OnApproach built at data integration function to consolidate the data in one database that allowed a reporting application to publish the data from a unified source.

Equipment Lease Management
The equipment leasing division of a major regional bank called in OnApproach to help it better understand key metrics of its loan portfolio to reduce risk and increase profitability. The success of this initiative led to six additional projects that yielded similar positive results.

Product Quality Reporting
Dependent on a series of Excel spreadsheets, the product quality group at a food manufacturer wanted to convert to a more scalable, enterprise-level reporting process. OnApproach developed a process for bringing data in from existing consumer web sites and also enabled data entry for other forms of customer service correspondence and internal product quality testing . All this data was loaded into an OLAP cube for fast and flexible “slice and dice” analysis.

Energy Data Management
A large regional energy cooperative depended on several Excel reports authored by a long time employee who planned to retire. Together with the internal project team, OnApproach led the effort to thoroughly “dissect” the reports, trace all data elements to their source tables, and design a data mart that would publish the entire range of reports.

Transaction Profitability
Traders at a feed ingredients broker were paid commission based on profitability. However, due to difficulty in analyzing data directly from its specialized trade accounting system, commissions were frequently inaccurate at initial payment. OnApproach developed complex reporting through an affordable hosted solution which yielded the customer substantial savings.

Vendor Scorecard Dashboard
A large manufacturer had developed an Excel-based vendor scorecard that took two weeks to assemble each quarter. OnApproach developed a data mart that drew upon 10 different data sources and drove a series of BusinessObjects reports that reduced publishing cycle to one day.

Financial Risk Management
A commercial financial services business wanted a better method to assess risk of existing loans in its portfolio. OnApproach developed a reporting and analysis solution that allowed the customer to calculate complex “what-if” scenarios that previously were not possible using other analysis methods.


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